Trollbox One A New Trollbox Based Social Media Platform

Join our Censorship-Free Slack Chat Trollbox Community and chat with other Crypto-Investors in seconds. By joining, you will secure your seat in the upcoming Live Beta.

Imagine, a new Trollbox-based Social Media Platform, where every Cryptocurrency and Decentralized Asset Market has its own user generated uncensored Trollbox chat channel. Where every known Exchange Trollbox, has an uncensored duplicate on our site. Where members can engage without censorship and bias moderators. would like to welcome you to the "Trollbox Multiverse Engine (TME),” where all I mentioned is now becoming a reality. The future of Cryptocurrency Social Media just like Cryptocurrencies themselves, resides in the decentralized and uncensored nature of the digital assets we chat about. The TME will return the consensus power of Trollboxes back to the trolls. Together, by using Trollboxes as an investment tool, we will harness the mathematical power of consensus to make better decisions about our Cryptocurrency Investments.    

  -- Rob M, Founder of Trollbox One 


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