The Mission Statement was created by benevolent "Crypto Trolls” (Enthusiasts & Pro Traders) worried about the increasingly unfair and bias censorship (can't talk prices or price targets at all i.e.) of Trollbox comments by Exchange Moderators. For better or worse, we think better... Crypto-Trolls are the new breed of "citizen financial journalist/pundits" of the 21st Century Cryptocurrency world. It's time we embrace them as the Investor Activists, Teachers, and Students of the Cryptocurrency Markets, they are.


A Trollbox plays a vital role in the Cryptocurrency world's "decentralized education system."  By that I mean, Trollboxes are where total strangers united under a common interest, from all races, countries, and levels of trading experience can come together and educating each other. Using the Trollbox like, a decentralized classroom, where everyone can be the teacher one minute then a student another.


Obviously, there are some bad trolls out there (if they know it or not). These people become obvious fast. Subsequently, they become alienated for their disingenuous or irrational chat comments. That being said, I think it’s best to leave what is bad info and good info up to the trolls themselves. It's important the crypto-community have a safe place where we can discuss our individual perspectives on the markets, without the fear of censorship.


All of that being said, most importantly, Trollboxes are great for reaching consensus on Cryptocurrency price and market movements. That's the real value. That's how one can profit off of carefully vetting information they learn on the Trollbox. When we all can see what others think/say about a coin, we can better gauge it's value, thus creating more efficient markets. In this way the best most logical ideas will always float to the top, making it easy for crypto-market trader and investors to gage price action using the power of consensus.  The exchange owners and the Moderators that work for them. Are actively and increasingly denying, the ability for day traders, investors, and enthusiasts to harness the mathematical power of consensus, because they fear regulators are going to take their exchanges away. I understand people need to make money, but so do Cryptocurrency Investors. Chatting and exchanging ideas with other investors is important to making good educated guesses about their investment portfolios.  


When regulations come to the Crypto-exchanges in near future, "Decentralized Asset Exchanges" will boom, they already are. The good new is, Trollbox One, its staff, and its trolls will be there to call it like it is. It's time to take back the Trollboxes from the moderators. The more knowledge Cryptocurrency Investors have the better chance they have of success. If you're interested in building a better Trollbox. Please stay in touch with us and send us your email info. If you're lucky enough you might even be entered into the free beta user/tester pool. Things will be progressing rapidly and more info will be released as our Beta Test goes online.


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