Pre-Beta Slack Chat Trollbox Opened. 

Invitations to Beta test are limited. Sign up and chat/troll within seconds with other Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts, Investors, and Traders. Please click on the invite link below to join our censorship free Trollbox. Don’t worry, you can be anonymous if you would like. You do not have to reveal personal information to join our Slack Chat. Our Pre-Beta Slack Chat has over 940+ Troll Members chatting from around the globe 24/7. Enrolling in and continuing to participate in the pre-beta Slack Chat, will give you a spot on the upcoming Stage 1 Beta Test of Once the beta test site is up we will then migrate off of slack onto the new site. Enrolling in the Slack Chat does not obligate you to take part in any of the beta, feel free to chat away. For those who may not know, Slack is a very well known Communication Platform for Teams and Businesses. We are using their trusted and tested Team Chat Software Infrastructure while we, build our own proprietary website. 

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